Hi, I'm Basheer
. I'm a
product manager
& hardware interface designer at Fellow.

I love spending my days crafting products for the kitchen that are imbued with style, story, & calm engineering. The best products balance all their compromises such that they elegantly complement each other.

Previously, I co-founded the new Pixel Buds, working with my PM partner to craft the vision, pitch executives to greenlight the program, build the team, and then lead the software & hardware UX through to our launch.

Before that, I lead the design on the Daydream Controller, taking it from just a scraggly sketch in my notebook, through fully interactive hand-built prototypes on my desk, and then through production abroad in China.

As a generalist, my process involves a wide variety of digital & physical skills spread across disciplines: programming, electronics design, 3d modeling & animation, and analog form-finding techniques.

After hours, you'll find me at the wheel throwing pots thicker than I'd like, pointing my camera into the sun, or watching these butter commercials.