Hi, I'm Basheer
. I'm a hardware interface designer cozying up to a calm, warm future with cooking & technology.

Aside from my own new venture, I work with clients to design and build hardware products that feel beautiful even after the first button press.

Previously, I co-founded the new Pixel Buds, working with my PM partner to craft the vision, pitch executives to greenlight the program, build the team, and then lead the software & hardware UX through to our launch.

Before that, I lead the design on the Daydream Controller, taking it from just a scraggly sketch in my notebook, through fully interactive hand-built prototypes on my desk, and then through production abroad in China.

As a generalist, my process involves a wide variety of digital & physical skills spread across disciplines: programming, electronics design, 3d modeling & animation, and analog form-finding techniques.

It’s through this blend that I seek to create new hardware interfaces that transform digital processes into analog methods of interaction.

After hours, I write about kitchen tools through the lens of design and technology over at C100. You'll also often find me at the wheel throwing pots thicker than I'd like, pointing my camera into the sun, hoarding inspiration, or watching butter commercials.